Our Practice

1. Patent & Design

  • Consultancy on filing of an application, response, disputes and administrative remedies and its procedures for Taiwan patent, China patent and foreign patents
  • Patent infringement assessment
  • Technical evaluation report for utility model patent
  • Patent validity search and assessment
  • Patent invalidation actions
  • Prior art search/ Patent search
  • FTO search, ie. Design-around
  • Monitoring of patent rights
  • Recordal of assignment, licensing and change and related procedures
  • Maintenance and enforcement of patent rights

2. Trademark

  • Trademark search, including search by mark
  • Assessment on registrability of a trademark
  • Advisory, preparation, filing and prosecution of trademark cases in Taiwan, China and abroad
  • Disputes resolutions, including investigation, opposition, invalidation, revocation, filing a response and related procedures
  • Watch service and maintenance of registered trademarks, licensing, transferring, requesting a change, re-issue of a registration certificate, entry of pledge in the Register and related procedures

3. Copyright

  • consultation on copyright protection, assessment, prosecution for registration, maintenance, recordal of copyright change, assignment and license, transfer of ownership and dispute resolution.

4. IP Infringement Investigation

  • Patent/Trademark/Copyright counterfeit investigation
  • Proof of use investigation
  • Infringement analysis and opinion
  • Mediation, negotiation and other related matters in infringement cases

5. IP Litigation

  • Disputes and litigation cases related to IP rights (incl. trade secrets)
  • Unfair competition investigation, disputes and litigation, including filing a complaint or response to the Fair Trade Commission and related matter

6. Legal Advisory

  • Advisory and drafting of commercial and IP related contracts and agreements
  • Annual/long-term legal counsel
  • IP strategy, portfolio and planning
  • Legal Advisory on patent, trademark and copyrights
  • Consultancy on patent design-around solutions
  • Investment and technical cooperation matters
  • Technology transfer and licensing
  • IP litigation and protective injunctive procedure
  • Trade secrets acquirement and licensing
  • Unfair competition

7. Customs Recordal

  • Entry at the customs for trademark and copyrights
  • Customs detention in Taiwan and China

8. Domain Name Disputes

  • Domain name disputes
  • Consultation on the obtaining, registering, licensing and dispute of Integrated Circuit Layout
  • Customs detention procedures