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Founded in 1979, Mission has been serving businesses of all sizes in Taiwan for over 40 years and 30 years in China. Our well-experienced professionals are dedicated to protect your IP portfolio, enforce your IP rights and help you maximise the value of your ideas.


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Managing Partner Ben H.J. Hsieh Mission Int’l Patent & Trademark Office
Senior Partner Tie-Sheng Yuan Mission Patent IP Office
Managing Associate (NY, USA) Mona M.J. Hsieh Mission Patent & Law Office
Manager of Patent Dept. Ta Chung Yuan Mission Patent IP Office
Senior Consultant Thanh-An Nguyen Mission Int’l Patent & Trademark Office
Consultant Nikie M.H. Hsieh Mission Int’l Patent & Trademark Office


With over 40 years of experience, our team of seasoned professionals are here to help every step of the way - patent and trademark prosecution, litigation, intellectual property portfolio management and legal advisory on IP related matters.

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Strategic IP Management

“We identify, secure and utilize full potential of client's intellectual property by providing comprehensive and strategic consultation at every stage of IP protection, development, enforcement and conflict resolution.”

IP News

New Taiwan Patent Examination Guidelines for Computer Software-Related Inventions

July 29, 2021 The new Taiwan Patent Examination for Computer Software Related Invention is came in force on July 1st 2021. The new guidelines provide a better understanding for both applicant and examiner to the requirement for computer software patents in Taiwan. Please find the summary of this new guidelines as follow: 1. Principles of Invention At the present practice, TIPO as European Patent Office judges on the eligibility of a computer software related patent application as an invention application which can produces a technical effect on the whole system. However, this current guidelines are included some opinion of United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) before 2014, which considerate whether the invention is “nothing more than the idea” of

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IP News

China: Bad Faith Trademark Filing and Chinese Trademark Law

July 20, 2021 China’s first-to-file system has contributed to a rise in malicious trademark filings and hoarding, at the same time bad-faith trademark applications are increased significantly. These bad faith trademarks have seriously affected the trademark registration procedure, and worsened the market infringement and the interests of the Chinese market. Article 4 of the Chinese amended Trademark Law states: CNIPA rejects any Trademark applications, which are not intended to be used and provides the grounds for initiating an opposition or invalidation action and effectively cracking down on malicious filings. Among other provisions, it gives examiners a legal grounds to reject bad-faith applications during the substantial examination stage. The updates to the law provide a clear legal basis for regulating malicious

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IP News

CHINA: Impacts from New Amended China Patent Law

March 23, 2021 On October 17, 2020, China’s Patent Law (“CPL”) was reviewed after 12 years, and this new amendment will take effect on June 1, 2021. Major amendments to China Patent Law Design patents:             1.- Definition of designs has been amended include: new design of the shape in whole or in part, pattern, or combination of the color with shape and pattern, which are fit for industrial application.             2.- Under the revised version of the law, partial designs are also patentable.             3.- The protection of design patent is prolonged from 10 to 15 years which is aligned with the protection according to Hague Agreement. Patent term extension – China’s phase one agreement commitments             Under the

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